With the basement room nearly completed (I have lots of piddly little finish work to do), the next (dramatically less expensive) goal is to wall off the formal dining room (that I use as a playroom) and create that 5th bedroom/ future office. It won't be a "legal" bedroom because I am not sure if I want to waste square footage by putting a closet in (and King County requires that all conforming bedrooms have a closet, for some reason). I have a massive antique armoire than can MORE than store my son's clothing. If I ever am in a dire enough situation where I have to sell the house, maybe. Though a 4 bed + bonus room/den/office would have a very large buyer pool anyway, and I doubt that 5th bedroom would make THAT much of a difference in resale over a 4 bed +den.

I haven't been posting much, but that's because there is a lot going on behind the scenes, such as paint color choices, furniture rearranging, me being pissed off at the Super Bowl and that the Seahawks are going to be in it OBVIOUSLY JUST TO RUIN MY BIRTHDAY, and then creating the budget for the project.

Here's the floorplan of my house (this is not "exact", as this is from the printout I got from the builder's douchebag agent when we were comparing lots, but it's close *enough*):
We will be putting double doors on that room, the French door kind with all the glass panes. I already have the doors (solid wood... they will be the nicest doors in the entire house), and unfortunately, that sucks for my son who will have less privacy (I will probably make some Roman shades). But, I offered him the basement room first, and he wasn't havin' it. If he complains, it's his own damn fault!

The reason I went with French doors is because one day, the kids will all be gone, and then it will not be used as a bedroom anymore. It'll probably be the Game Room of Ultimate Dorkery. Also, if it turns out we ever do sell, a lot of the homes in the area have French doors for "offices" on the main floor, so this would be consistent with my particular area's homes, and expected. I would hate to be that person who spends a bunch on remodeling only to find out that I didn't add any REAL value to the house because it's so specific to ME that any buyer would probably want to rip it out and redo it. Granted, I also don't want that boring beige house that has zero personality, so I'm trying to find that in-between. So far, I really like just painting my walls bright colors. That's super easy to "undo" if necessary, and has been the cheapest way for me to infuse some color into the house (I probably don't REALLY want a turquoise couch, as much as I think I do, but I can deal with some turquoise walls. $33 for the paint, a few more bucks for rollers and a pan, and I'm good to go).

This is going to be a relatively cheap project, in that we simply have to frame and drywall, and move one light switch over about a foot. Because this is not below grade, we can buy just standard sheetrock instead of the expensive mold and mildew resistant kind we used in the basement, and we don't need to have treated cedar 2x4s, we can just use the regular kind... and most importantly, we only have ONE wall to frame, which is only about 10 feet wide. And the doors were already purchased, for a mere $50 (thanks to my local online selling group on facebook).

The only thing is, since this is going to be right there, by our living room, right by the freaking front door, I really don't want this project to take a long time to be complete, since I have young kids. We really CAN'T live in a construction zone. (With the basement, it was really easy to just close the door and gate things off, and we didn't even have to look at the mess either, since it was on an entirely different floor).

So, I am actually considering hiring this out and having a team of professionals just pound through it really fast just to minimize the amount of time my kids will have to be banned from the front end of the house. Still crunching numbers on that of course...


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