Surprise! More sewing!

Remember the Ikea Hack banquette I made in the dining room? Well, the one-inch cheap craft foam I used is just not cutting it, but I don't have it in the budget yet to upgrade to a thicker (at least 2 inch) foam for the seats, so in the meantime, I made some super cheap, super fast throw pillows that can be used as butt cushions.
Personally I don't find the seats uncomfortable (how is it any less comfortable than sitting in a basic wood chair with NO cushion?), but I also weigh the same as a 10 year old, so the 1-inch foam is sufficient for ME, and the kids... but not for actual normal-sized adults it turns out.

I bought upholstery fabric from Ikea, but I only bought half a yard ($6.99 per yard though for UPHOLSTERY fabric! I should have bought the entire bolt), so I was able to make 3 pillows. I used some super cheap pillow forms, also from Ikea ($2.99 for each pillow form is amazingly cheap).
Total cost of the project for three pillows (that can easily be moved elsewhere if/when I get around to reupholstering the benches) is approximately $12.50, with the pillow forms being $9 of that. (You can always gut your kids old stuffed animals instead, which is something I've done in the past. They definitely have a floor cushions stuffed with the souls of teddy bears past).

Obviously my year is kicking off a little bit slowly, as I am so exhausted from all the birthdays, parties, etc. that I'm ready to just slip into a social coma until February or March. 


05/21/2014 4:44am

Nice dining room, good interior designing!


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